M2M Presents

M2M Presents is a charity focused events company started by two ex-professional sportsman, Ed Jackson and Olly Barkley.


After breaking his neck in a tragic accident in 2017 Ed was forced to retire from professional rugby and contemplate facing a life quite different than the one he was used to. After defying opinion, belief and a bit of medical science along the way Ed is now summiting mountains and pulling others with him. In 2018 Ed approached Olly with the desire to start an altruistic company that focused on creating unique experiences that could in one of a few ways, help people. M2M was born and the journey of trying to make a significant difference for others began. A difference financially through the money they raise

M2M (Millimeters to Mountains) not only represents Ed’s journey from the first time he moved his toe to now climbing mountains but the way anyone can overcome a challenge facing them in their life....


....Start small and dream big.

The name encapsulates Ed’s journey. Having undergone an operation to repair a fracture dislocation of his C6/C7 vertebrae, he lay, quadriplegic, on his back in ICU with only limited movement in his right arm. The millimetres of movement he had after the accident gradually improved and through hard work, a great deal of support and sheer bloody mindedness, bit by bit his body returned to him.


A year later he had reached the summit of Snowdon, the first of many planned ascents to raise money for the great causes that helped him and many others when they most needed it.


In conjunction with Restart Rugby , The M2M Foundation aims to to help raise £250,000 - the amount necessary for The Neverest Foundation to build the new spinal unit in Chitwan, Nepal. This will be done through an exciting series of fundraising events over the next year culminating in an epic 18 day attempt to summit a 6500m Himalayan peak in November 2019.

2019 sees the start of M2M's journey as a company aiming to make a difference to causes close to our heart but by approaching how we raise the money in a slightly different way to the conventional. Initially we will be all about the Neverest Foundation and raising the £250,000 required for them to completely build and facilitate a brand new spinal unit in Chitwan, Nepal. All of this years profits will be donated to the Neverest Foundation and our mission to make a difference to the people there.


 To do this we have partnered with CHX and Trek Nepal to run and host two climbs to Grand Paradiso in Italy and Mera Peak in Nepal. We will be launching the first of our first Lit. pop restaurant/club concepts, a high end immersive and interactive dining experience served to a live deep house soundtrack under the darkness of candlelight. We'll also be working hard to deliver the first of our invitation charity matches in London which will be supported pitchside by our own M2M festival vibe and dare say there will be something quite special we have up our sleeves for the Christmas period.




Company number: 11737817 

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