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"bEat is not only groundbreaking for the scene, it’s a new way to revolutionise the way that we fundraise. I have never been part of anything quite like bEat"

bEat is a sub brand of M2M Presents, a non profit pop up banquet and after party concept inspired by bringing together the three elements of food, light and sound and supporting it with circus performance within uniquely constructed and decorated venues.

bEat exists to feed the soul, in a number of ways, and that is where it's roots will remain.


A multi course secret menu using seasonal and organic produce paired with expertly curated cocktails.


Guest chefs will utilise techniques familiar to them while also exploring their own creativity. To fuse our food* with the accompanying drinks menu experts will design cocktail pairings to complete the experience.

*For each and every event a bEat. menu is a secret menu so you won't know what you're eating until it's served on the night. Trust that we handpick talented chefs and you will be safe and satisfied in their very capable hands. We do not cater for specific dietary requirements but vegan and vegetarian options will be part of our approach to embrace the ever growing plant based movement. Food may contain traces of nuts.


An entirely candlelit. space limiting the use of electrical light to deliver a unique dining and afterparty atmosphere.


An integral part of creating a unique backdrop at bEat. is the way in which we use candlelight in our venues. A room filled with antique candelabras, chandeliers and tea lights will create a magical setting with which to enjoy the evening through dinner and beyond into the night. 


A musical journey through tribal, deep house and future disco.


Guest DJ's will carefully guide the evening from a social dining experience into an afterparty that underlines exactly what bEat. is about. Melodic and deep house will provide the backing to early dining with tech house and future disco shaping the vibe for when the tables are cleared and the afterparty takes flight. 

Feed.   Your.   Soul.

Feed.   Your.   Soul.