The M2M Foundation

In 2017 founder Ed Jackson's life was turned upside down after suffering a devastating spinal cord injury. Despite being told he would never walk again Ed set out to defy the odds and within a year he was stood on top of Mt Snowdon with the dream of showing others facing their own seemingly impossible challenges that there is hope.

 ‘Standing on top of a mountain with all of the people present who helped me achieve that goal, I realised the power and privilege of being able to challenge myself. I had managed to achieve something that I never again thought possible and it left me with a new found motivation and drive that I could do anything.’

‘I realised how lucky I was to be in that position, to have a chance, and I immediately thought of all of the people that don’t. Whether it’s because of a lack of resources, finances or information so many people are facing mental or physical challenges that are seemingly impossible to overcome. Through The M2MF we want to show people that there is always hope.’

 - Ed Jackson

We have been raising money for charities back home by completing these challenges in the mountains but I soon realised that the real benefit was being experienced by the fundraisers. The effect that these trips were having on the people taking part was undeniable and I knew that in the same way the mountains helped me that they could have a profound impact on others facing a difficult time in their lives.’

As well as financially supporting other worthy causes and projects, the foundation will partner with existing charities to organise and fund expeditions for people in need of support. Whether it be groups suffering with mental health issues, PTSD or difficult cultural and economic backgrounds or others with physical or mental disabilities we believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the undeniable healing power of the mountains and the lasting benefits of achieving something outside of their comfort zone.

The M2M Foundation looks to create positive change in peoples lives by offering them the opportunity to experience those first millimetres and giving them the tools and inspiration to turn them into mountains.

If you'd like to know more about the M2MF and how you can get involved please email us



Company number: 11737817 

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