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"Why mountains?"



‘Why mountains?’ Valid question given the circumstances, but the answer you got will have depended on when you asked me.

When I first decided to attempt Mt Snowdon a year after being told I may never walk again, I was doing it to prove a point. Prove a point to the people who said I couldn’t do it; prove a point to myself; but mostly to prove a point to my friends in hospital who were struggling to find hope. After I completed the climb however, I realised that there was more to it than I first thought.

Overcoming something challenging is rewarding, but overcoming something challenging as a group is special. Over 70 people stood on the summit of Snowdon with me on April 8th, 2018, something I never anticipated either happening or having such an effect on me. The truth was; as well as achieving something myself, I got even more back by accomplishing it with others.

Naturally I decided I wasn’t going to stop there. I looked up and the opportunity presented itself to head to France and attempt something three times as high. Mont Buet turned out to be the hardest physical challenge of not just my life but a few other members of our teams lives as well and the bonds we made because of that are pretty special. Overcoming something when you genuinely aren’t sure if it’s possible makes it all the more rewarding but more importantly we managed to raise a huge amount of money for charity.

Since then we have returned to the alps a number of times and in Oct 2019 we summited Mera Peak, which at 6478m is the highest trekking peak in Nepal.

Mountains have played a huge part in my recovery both physically and mentally and through M2M Climb we offer others the opportunity to experience their reformative powers for themselves with the added benefit of raising money for very worthy causes in the process.

Ed Jackson

What we're climbing for

Spinal cord injury rates in Nepal are high. With little or no provision provided for rehabilitation the outlook for patients is bleak. 


We want to help change that by raising £250,000 to build a spinal injury rehabilitation centre in Chitwan.

So we climb to change the future for those who really need it.

For all climb enquiries and bookings please email contact@them2mgroup.com